After reading a lot of articles, comments, opinions and news stories I am almost certain that pro Gupta people do not get the point of why South African people are so enraged behind the wedding incident.  From reading a lot on the background of the Gupta’s I realized that they have been in the spotlight quite a lot and that people have been questioning their relationships with the president Jacob Zuma and the Zuma family. The public’s questions arose from and circulated around matters of whether they get special preference and benefit’s for being mates with the ANC’s top officials.

Until now from the vast information on their background that I read has been based on speculation and no actual evidence or proof. However the wedding stunt was just a cherry on top.

Anyways going back to pro Guptas people; The public and political parties are not enraged because they are jealous of the Gupta’s wealth, nor is this in any way a racist attack. The public, in this instance is also not really concerned that they get special treatment all the time either.

We are pissed off that they got access to and landed a jumbo jet with 207 passengers  in a military base which is a national key point. It is not a theme park! The fact that they were even given permission to land their guests there from India who were attending the wedding poses a question of their influence and friendships with top government officials. I say given permission because I doubt anyone would try land a jet full of their close relatives and friends on a military airbase without permission. There’s too much risk in this as you may be perceived as a threat and be shot down. The military does not EF around (well I don’t know about S.A military but overseas kicks ass).  Furthermore have a decorated marquee with refreshments welcoming the guests without permission. Not likely.

Anyways whatever the Gupta’s did before, when maybe ‘bribing’ or giving gifts to officials and politicians in exchange for favors or whatever was different to this latest stunt. I mean bribing and all the other things these people do to succeed happen a lot in South Africa and are problematic. But it becomes a greater problem when their bribing’s and shady deals affect national security.

This stunts affects were clearly not thought through, How did the parties involved think South Africans would take this gesture? Landing a Jet full of civilians at a national key point. I mean the base has potential to have national secrets. The guests evaded customs, who knows what they brought into the country? This act could be seen as an act of treason. for more information click here


Group work sucks ass!!!, like seriously, I am super pissed off because I am on campus, In the Lan at 3:40 am doing other peoples work, because either they got better things to do and switch off their phones or their academic writing is as interesting as a wet dish cloth or they simply answered their allocated part of the assignment incorrectly!!

Mind you this assignment is due tomorrow. It all started at the beginning stages  where group members do show up to meetings, and when they do, they have excuses to leave early. Finally when we are all there and the work is disseminated accordingly, some do not come to the meetings for presenting the work to the group, so as to critique it and share ideas on it. hence we fall behind.

All this time you are on par and on point, your work is always done and you show up for all meetings only to find less than half of the group present. Should your marks really depend on other selfish people?, is it fair?

Anyways the last weekend of the due date of the assignment comes, group members decide to go home and not be present at the weekends group meetings. Instead they decide to give their INCORRECT work to other group members to relay to the rest of the group. Others whom have been attending all meetings with me and whom were treated as our archive decide to not show up on the last day before the assignment is due. Instead they decide to communicate telephonic and through social networking sites to tell us what parts are missing from the assignment. THAT IS NOT FU*CKIN ENOUGH!!

Group work sucks ass. If it weren’t ass on the line I would snoozing right now, but it’s fine I guess, I will get them in the peer group assessment sheets. My revenge will be sweet. It just sucks that I’m up now doing the work. I feel drained and lifeless.

This is why I am still at the lan at 3:40am

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Parents spend fortunes sending their children to university, sometimes fortunes they do not have, which come in the form of loans. Only to find that their children are involved in alcohol abuse and drugs.

Parents should know what their children are doing at school. They should be more involved in their children’s degree activities. I am in no way saying they must attend lectures with them or visit them every day at their residence rooms; that could be an over smothering of affection and they might not take kindly to that; I am simply saying they should know what their children are ‘into’ at school.

I mean it seems as if we cannot mention the word University without thinking of parties and going out. Which is all good, students do need to blow some steam and have fun, after receiving the immense workloads we receive. We cannot protect our children all the time from certain things. Sometimes they need to grow up and make their own decisions. But if parents have instilled proper grounded morals and a proper work ethics into the student, they will know what is most important to them and will properly balance between time with their friends, going out and school work, in such a way that the other spheres do not disrupt  their school work.

Just in March, a University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) student was arrested for being in possession and distributing designer drugs. The student is alleged to have a list of clients which he communicated with through Black berry messaging (BBM), he is alleged to even having ‘runners’ who would distribute the drugs to the clients to the UKZN campuses. He even had clients outside of UKZN campuses on other tertiary institutions and general people, in and around Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

The student was arrested with one of his runners after a joint operation between the University and the South African Police Services (SAPS). The University leaders had heard rumors about the dissemination of drugs on the campus and decided to include the police at early stages. After a two month long investigation, the alleged students sold the drugs to an undercover police officer.

Their rooms on the campus were raided and countless drugs, television sets and Play station 3 gamming consoles were found in their possession. the designer drugs included Swazi Gold, Durban Poison, Chocolate Kush, Cheeze and Skunk – as well as Viagra and Rohypnol. The dealer who referd to himself as “Prof T – head of science, and 542” is believed to be part of a syndicate operating in Kwa Zulu Natal (KZN).

With such stories happening on  University campuses, makes us question WTF!the youth of today is doing with their lives. Are they even serious about school etc. But as stated above it all boils down to what you as a person want in life.  If you want to go to prison, you will sell drugs, if you want to graduate you will study.

We spend our whole lives working towards being successful and sometimes neglect our families and loved ones. Success is beautiful because it comes with being able to afford every earthly possession that we think will make us happy in life.

This is all great but we should also not be blind sighted by it. I am not by any means against success; I am simply saying it should not be at the expense of your happiness. Thing is we as human beings have so many questions about the point to life and being alive (and other religious and non-religious institutions know this, and will offer possible answers and capitalize on this).

Once we find something that we think could be an answer we latch on to it with dear life. Other people even spend their whole lives doing something’s they hate.

I do not have all the answers but I do believe in doing what love doing. Simply because if you do what you love, you will excel in it without putting too much effort into it or great hours, hence you will have time for your family and loved ones. And furthermore you will succeed.

I also believe success does not come knocking on your door. You go and get it! Everybody wants to succeed in life including myself, but let’s face it, we will not all succeed, which is why it is always good to have a contingency plan. A plan that will make you money aside from your daytime job, which you have degrees for. Other people invest, others open businesses. I already have mine but will not share it on this blog because it is mine and might be replicated.

It’s a matter of turning either something that interests you a great deal aside from your job, or a hobby and turning it into a viable business.


Beggars can be choosers. This is what I realized a few days back. When we come across beggars on the streets, we feel almost obliged to give them some money because they make us feel sorry for them. Fair enough and we do, sometimes.

Some of the beggars have really, really sad stories that would make you cry. And then there’s the other majority who have chosen to go begging on the streets, for various reasons. One reason that I have seen prevalent is that the money is free and they do not have to work for it. There are so many odd jobs that a person could offer people as a service than to go beg on the streets. They could offer people in suburban areas gardening services, laundry, wash windows, wash their cars etc.

Just last week, I met a beggar, who seemed like she was around her thirties maybe. She was asking for money. I told her “OK, I’ll give you fifty bucks if you do my laundry”. She looked at me as if I was crazy and said “Are you mad, me do your laundry, get real?”.

I left and thought to myself, but you are begging!, yet you are choosy. So she basically did not want to work for money. She wanted it handed to her. And clearly if she has that mentality it means she gets a lot handed to her by people who don’t know her attitude.

I am not saying do not give beggars money, I am saying be critical of them and what types of people some of them are. Next time you see a beggar, test them. Tell them you’ll give them a certain amount of money if they perform some duties for you and see their response. If they agree, give them the money. If they don’t, they would’ve proved the point I’m making here.

I mean does it even sound fair that you give, even a cent of money that you have worked hard and sweated for, for a whole month, to  a person that is lazy and does not want to work for their money given the option.

Other people are not poor because they do not have money. They poor because they are lazy and do not want to use their brains. And expect handouts all the time. Never the less it is good to give to the needy un-abled.

King Shaka of the Zulu nation has often been portrayed as an irrational demagogue who lusted after blood and killed not only those who opposed him, but also those who were simply at the place at the wrong time. The dude was a serious bad-ass, a bad boy, I’m sure the ladies would’ve loved him, he just didn’t have that much for them (I digress…).

Anyways besides him being super pissed off at the world and  killing everyone he was quite a smart dude, and as a result his meticulous combat tactics and battle formations introduced significant military innovations as well as reforms in the institution of succession. He was the inventor of the the famous “horns of the bull” formation, when attacking an enemy, which was widely used after him in battle.

I am not playing devils advocate and saying everything he did was right. I am simply saying there are two sides to every coin and that sometimes good can come from a whole lot bad. I mean the dud also united the nguni people, and formed the Zulu kingdom.

Around the same time when all of this was happening in Africa, there was another leader on the other side of the world called Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a French military and political leader. He is mostly known for the French revolution and it’s associated wars in Europe, and for being the first emperor of France. He also was considered blood thirsty by others as he wanted to go to war in order to acquire other countries into French rule.

He contributed considerably in instituting lasting reforms like in higher education, a tax code system, road and sewer systems. another that he is most dominantly known for is the Napoleonic code. The code basically spurred the development of the bourgeois society. which was adopted by most of Europe.

Both these figures contributed greatly in their societies and  their legends and reforms live on, even in  today’s societies.

We live in a world of grave dangers, where a person, groups of people or organization pissed off, or not even pissed off at others could just loose it and decide to bomb! I am of coarse referring to the Boston bombings. This is yet another act of terrorism cast upon the United states.  It took place on the city’s civic holiday Patriots Day, which is a day celebrated by Massachusetts and Maine that commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord fought in 1775.

It is however not to be confused with Patriot Day which is held on September 11 to mark the 2001 terrorists attacks in the USA.  Coincidence or no coincidence that dates have similar names and are now both linked to terrorism? I will let you decide.

Anyways the Boston bombings killed 3 and injured 140.  Some of the  injuries were horrific, lots of people loosing limbs  and in critical condition. The bombings occurred on Monday the 15th of April, on Thursday the 18th April (3 days later) the FBI released photographs and a video of  two suspects, appealing for help from the public. meanwhile when all of this was happening the whole city was shut down. On Friday the 19th of April (this morning), the suspects were in a shootout with the police, one was killed the other fled.

In four days they were able to serve justice and I think its only a matter of time before the other is apprehended. If this is not top class and speedy intelligence and serving of justice, I don’t know what is. If only South Africa’s justice system was on par with the U.S.A’s.

Anyways while reading all the reports on this tragic event, I found one article stating that immediately after the blasts police found 2 Saudi nationals which were injured. A man and woman. None of them were suspects but one of them was put under armed guard at the hospital. This is so stereotypical but I do not blame the U.S.A as most of their terrorist attacks was from Saudi nationals.

Never the less, the escaped suspect has been identified as an Islam follower from Russia. click here for more information. So… you know, we should be cautious but not discriminatory because not every Muslim or Islam follower is a terrorist.